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Add Nano to Your Exchange

This guide describes how to add Nano currency ($XNO) to your cryptocurrency exchange.

Get Started

We highly recommend setting up at least two nodes on high-grade computers/cloud instances, upgrading to newer versions promptly, and keeping an eye on service operations with a bundled monitoring tool.

This setup enables you:

Hardware Specs

Server computer power should be relative to your expected usage. For specific requirements, please see our hardware recommendations.

Install CLI

curl -sL "" | sh

Setup Node

xno setup \
  --path <NODE_PATH> \
  --network <LIVE_OR_TEST> \
  --rpc-port 8899 \

Full Command Line CLI Documentation

Creating Accounts

Listen for Deposits

Receive Deposits

Send Withdrawals

Platform Fees

Testing Integration

Install Plugins

Nano is feeless. However, your platform can decide to charge fees.

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