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Accept Nano payments in your web app

Nano Pay Nano Pay is a standard protocol and set of reference implementations that enable developers to incorporate decentralized payments into their apps and services.

Read the specification.

The Nano blockchain confirms transactions in less than a second and costs on average $0.0005, providing users a seamless experience with no intermediaries.

Read the docs to get started.

Supporting Wallets Phantom (iOS, Android) Solflare (iOS, Android) Glow (iOS, Android) Decaf Wallet (iOS, Android) Espresso Cash (iOS, Android) Ottr (iOS, Android) Ultimate (iOS, Android) Tiplink (Web) How to use Nano Pay Accept payments in your web app Use the @Nano/pay JavaScript SDK to start accepting payments in your app today.

Accept payments in person Run the open-source Nano Pay Point of Sale app to start accepting payments in-person.

Getting Involved Nano Pay is an open standard to facilitate commerce on Nano. We are looking for more contributors to help develop the ecosystem. Here are a few ideas if you're looking to get involved.

Hackathon Projects The Nano Grizzlython Hackathon is happening right now. There's a dedicated Payments track, presented by Stripe.

Here are some Nano Pay hackathon ideas to get started thinking about how you can build the future of payments.

eCommerce Platform Integrations To get as many merchants accepting payments on Nano as possible we need to provide easy ways to set up Nano Pay on all eCommerce platforms.

Nano Labs has started a reference implementation for Shopify which you can see here to get a sense of how this might work.

Here are some of the top eCommerce platforms that we're looking to integrate to:

WooCommerce Magento BigCommerce Wix Squarespace Other possible projects Mobile SDKs Checkout UX Components Do you have another idea? Feel free to open an issue to discuss it with the community.

License Nano Pay is open source and available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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